PRIMARY SERVICES Provided by Crossroads Reentry:

Crossroads Reentry provides a wide variety of needed services to inmates – both while they are incarcerated AND after their release.

Some of the most important (and popular) services provided INSIDE include:

  • Classroom Instruction – Reentry, Substance Abuse and Vocational Classes for adult and youth offenders
  • Home Plans – developing a custom housing plan of action for the inmate, specifically tailored to the individual, their background/history and the expected conditions involving “a place to live”
  • F&F – Assisting Families and Friends needing help for their incarcerated loved ones
  • Letters – Responding to letters received from inmates, with the primary focus on providing assistance with their Home Plan
  • 1on1s – Conducting “One On One” Individual Sessions with inmates to assist them with working the 12 Steps of Recovery (AA/NA) – especially the crucial 4th Step (Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves) and the 5th Step (Admitted to God, ourselves and another human being the exact nature of our wrongs)
  • Outside Resources – Providing a current/updated “County Resource” Packet to inmates, listing contact information for a wide variety of organizations and agencies that can help with many of the typical needs faced by inmates when they get out of jail/prison.
  • 704-499-1332 – inmates calling just this ONE phone number can result in them getting connected with people/organizations/agencies that can help them with any (legitimate) need they might have following release from a correctional institution
  • Staying Clean & Sober – for those inmates who had a problem with alcohol or other drug abuse, CR can play a key part in helping a motivated inmate to break free of the common cycle of “get drunk/high, get into trouble, get arrested, get out” and repeat until dead or locked away for life. Crossroads helps to connect those in need of recovery services get treatment/counseling and get plugged into their local AA/NA recovery community.
  • Employment – Finding AND Getting a JOB…..FAST! In 2007, Crossroads Reentry developed an employment program that has proven highly successful – many inmates who carefully follow the time tested steps in the CR Employment Program, even those with a long criminal record involving serious felony convictions, are able to secure full-time employment within 15-30 days following release from jail.
  • Housing – another major area of assistance provided by CR is helping newly released inmates secure shelter – getting an apartment, finding a roomate to help share expenses, getting a bed or room in a temporary or long-term shelter or “sober living center” and similar residential assistance. In addition to providing inmates with local “County Resources”, we can also help on a regional and national level to provide assistance whereever the inmate is planning to live after release from jail/prison

Some of the important services provided OUTSIDE include:

  • Virtual Classroom – to review information previously presented in class inside a jail/prison of for those inmates that may have missed an individual class or even an entire course, classes are made available online (please contact us regarding accessing these videos)

Some of the important services provided to Correctional Facilities include:

  • Assisting “Facility Program Managers and individual Inmate Case Managers to develop customized “Home Plans” for “short timers” (inmates expected to be released within 5 months or less)
  • Facility/Program Assessments in order to offer new services that compliment, rather than duplicate existing programs in facilities not yet involved with CR
  • Expanding services – providing additional programs, courses/classes, 1on1 Sessions, etc. – in facilities currently partnering with CR
  • HOPE – bringing hope to inmates in a facility, thus helping to maintain a more secure environment

For more information ABOUT US and what we can do,
please call 704-499-1332