Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

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What the best way to contact/communicate with Crossroads Reentry? Contacting Crossroads Reentry by phone works best 704-499-1332

For programmers (Inmate Case Managers) in incarceration facilities assisting inmates with Home Plans, providing some key information in your initial contact with Crossroads Reentry really helps speed up our aid process.
Please communicate the following details:
1) convicted sex offender – yes or no?
2) expected release date
3) is the inmate willing to attend AA/NA meetings upon release
4) preferred 1st choice plus 2nd choice location.

I’ve just been released from jail/prison and I need help getting back on my feet – what’s the 1st step in getting help from Crossroads Reentry?Each and every person and situation is unique, so please call 704-499-1332 to confidentially discuss your specific details

I’d like to help directly – donating my time and talent? How do I get more information of Volunteer Opportunities?There are a number of ways interested persons can help – to help determine the best fit/match for you…please call Crossroads Reentry at 704-499-1332 to discuss the details.

I currently have my plate full with work, family and other volunteer projects, but I’d still like to help by providing some financial support to help the mission of Crossroads Reentry – what’s the best way to donate money?We’ll be setting up a secure online donation feature in the future, but please don’t wait….you can help today by mailing a tax-deductible donation (by check/money order) to:

Crossroads Reentry PO BOX 861 Huntersville, NC 28070

I have a loved one who is incarcerated and they will need a place to live when they get out – what should I do?CR has an extensive network of local, regional and nationwide contacts regarding residential assistance, so please call us for more information.

For more information ABOUT US and what we can do,
please call 704-499-1332